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Motivated to reduce her carbon footprint and provide a more environmentally friendly approach to raising her two children, Lisa Carey and her husband acquired three retail stores, Green Diaper Store ( and Angel Bunz ( in May 2009 and Little for Now ( in May 2011.

After learning about all the chemicals and dangerous toxins used in paper diapers, Lisa was motivated to help her family live a greener life. From choosing cloth diapers & napkins, safer cleaners, and bath & beauty products to banishing plastic bags (from grocery to sandwich bags), Lisa learned that leading a greener lifestyle required a holistic approach.

Specializing in reliable, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly cloth diapers and other family friendly green product, Lisa Carey’s green stores offer families a large selection of alternatives to big-box non-recyclable products.

Lisa holds regular cloth diaper workshops, and offers consultancy services teaching parents and educators about the benefits of using cloth and how to choose the right system that best fits virtually any lifestyle and budget. Lisa’s mission: to change the world one bottom at a time!

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