Make your holiday eco-friendly!

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The holidays can be a time with tons of waste.  There are some simple ways you can reduce your waste and save money!

My kids get involved by choosing what wrapping paper to use from the boxes of artwork we collect all year long.

1.) Look for smart gifts! Gifts that have minimal packaging, can be reused, are recyclable and durable are easier on our planet.

2.) Be creative with your gift wrapping! Use old baskets, food tins, newspapers, magazines and your children’s art work to wrap presents.

3.) Instead of buying a tree that was grown on a tree farm with lots of pesticides consider using a potted tree that can be used year after year.

4.) If you do get a cut tree make sure to recycle it. Recycling trees keep them out of landfills.

5.) Choose gifts made of natural components such as organic fabrics and wood.

6.) Use low energy LED lights in your decorations.

7.) If you have holiday cards from last year you can use them as gift tags this year.