Cloth Diapers Los Angeles

My second child, Peanut, was the first child I used cloth diapers on.  I started by searching on the internet for Cloth Diapers Los Angeles and found Angel Bunz.  I was surprised there were not more options for cloth diapers in Los Angeles but after attending a cloth diaper workshop at Angel Bunz I was hooked.

Cloth diapers are now one of my passions!  When I was pregnant with my 2nd child the doctors found a “spot” on his kidney.  We didn’t know at the time what this spot meant but it made me start thinking. I was thinking about ways I could help improve my children’s health and quality of life.  I started researching all the different chemicals that are found in everyday products including paper diapers, toys, clothes, bedding, food and anything else you can think of.  I was truly surprised what is found in baby products.

I found that paper diapers contain many yucky chemicals I did not want on or near my children. They contain dioxin, tributyl-tin and sodium polyacrylate to name a few.  The more I learned about these chemicals the more determined I was to make changes and that included cloth diapering.

We are a very eco-friendly family and the environmental impact of all those paper diapers was staggering!  We were also on a budget and the thought of throwing away money each week was very motivating to make the switch.

You can learn more about all the reasons to use cloth diapers HERE.

Cloth diapers have changed so much in recent years.  No more diaper pins! Today’s cloth diapers come in various types, styles, colors and sizes.  With my middle son, peanut, I preferred pocket cloth diapers. Now with my third son, Froggie, I love All-In-One cloth diapers the best.

I jumped in to cloth diapering with both feet and never looked back!  It took my husband a bit longer but he too loves them now. I loved them so much that I bought Angel Bunz years later when it was put up for sale.

Many of my friends have said they could never cloth diaper and thought it was not for them until they tried it and now they are hooked! Even if you replace only 1 diaper a day with a cloth diaper you are being kind to mother nature.  And don’t forget, cloth diapers are adorable!  Here is proof of their cuteness!

Cloth Diapers Los Angeles

Froggie in a bumGenius Freetime Cloth Diaper.

You can learn more about cloth diapering at Little For Now’s Cloth Diaper Learning Center.