New Baby, New Direction

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I originally started this blog because I have a small business and all the experts tell you that you need a blog to effectively market your business. It is a must. So is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on and on and on. The problem is a small business only has so many resources to do all these things. Some simply don’t get done.

This blog is call Eco Fabulous Family and I have one of those. We are very eco-friendly and fabulous, of course! So it will now be about MY eco fabulous family and maybe cloth diapers once in awhile!

I don’t expect this blog to have many followers or make money but it will be a nice way for family and friends to keep updated on our lives here! Especially since our newest addition, Froggie, has lots of extras that came with him. An extra chromosome, extra doctor appointments, extra diapers and extra smiles!

When I was pregnant with Froggie many of our family and friends reacted negatively. He would be disabled. He would ruin our lives. He would never potty train. He would be sick all the time. He would never walk.

Baby showers never happened for one reason or another and no flowers or cards arrived. It was clear that many people in our lives did not know how to react. When Peanut and Bug were born we were lavished with congratulations and good wishes. When Froggie was born we could hear the crickets. There were a couple of family members brave enough to say congratulations and we appreciate that, more than you will ever know. For those that were nervous or scared to say congrats, I get it. I really do. It is hard to know what to say. I always said I wanted a healthy baby and then I got Froggie. This is not about blame. This is about helping those in our lives accept and love Froggie, Peanut and Bug as much as their Dad and I do.

Froggie is the best thing that could have happened to us. He is a voracious nurser, a cuddler, a lovebug (or frog?) and is smashing stereotypes every single day. I am truly honored to be his Mama and more proud of him than words can say.

So, family and friends, if an extra chromosome freaked you out (or not) please check back here once in awhile. I will make sure to share the good and the bad of life with three special needs kids. We have lots of extras to share!

10 Responses to “New Baby, New Direction”

  1. Heather Says:

    Big huge hugs, Lisa! Thank goodness for the internet where we can make our own support network (though it’s nice to have it in person with your friends and family, too).

  2. Lisa Carey Says:

    Hugs back! This is the best community I never knew I wanted to be a part of.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Hey Baby Mama! I really like frogs and you know I will be waiting to hold, play and repeat whenever! xoxo

  4. Lisa Carey Says:

    Can’t wait to see you again!

  5. Julie Holland Says:

    Lisa, you are one of the bravest people I know. Froggie is yours because God knew he needed you. There are no accidents, there is a plan. God’s plan included Froggie having a mom who would ignore the naysayers and do what needed doing. Keep being you.

  6. Lisa Carey Says:

    Wow, what a nice complement. Thank you.

  7. P Says:

    Let me know! I’m five years in and still lots of crickets. or whatever it’s morphed into had a booklet last year or so for family members. I didn’t forward it (yet).

    I love this post! Lol it first typed live this post…love ya all already!!

  8. Lisa Carey Says:

    Thanks! It is hard for some people to deal with. They don’t know yet how awesome Froggie is!

  9. bmommyx2 Says:

    I’m sad that your family & friends didn’t congratulate you. Congratulation, Froggie is adorable.

  10. Lisa Carey Says:

    Some did congratulate us and some didn’t. I mainly wrote the post to help those who didn’t know what to say feel more comfortable.

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