Sex! Did I get your attention?

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I worry about teaching my kids the right things.  I also worry about what those things are and which definition of right I will use.

Sex education for me at this age is about relationships.  I want my boys to understand intimate relationships.  Treating their partner with love and respect.  I want them to know our values.  Our church has an 8 week sex education program for 4th-6th graders.  At first I thought Bug was too young.  He is 9 for crying out loud!  NINE!  After some thought I realized that now is the time.  He will still listen to me and hear my values.  Will I have this type of attention at 14?  They call it “Our Whole Lives” or “OWL” and it is a holistic approach.  It is not just the physical act of sex that is discussed.  Bug was mad at first that I made him go but now he is having fun in the class.

On a lighter note: Peanut announced at the dinner table the other night that he was having sex with J.  J lives in another state and we don’t get to see her often.  After I stopped laughing and gulping for air I asked him if he knew what sex was.  He said “No, but I know it is something you do with someone you love and I love J and will marry her”.

I am so relieved that he is learning our values!  That was a moment I will never forget.

Oh and J, sorry to tell you this.  He is now planning to marry McKenzie.  He had fun with her on Friday and decided that you probably don’t want to marry him anymore.

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  1. Preteen mom Says:

    Great point about listening. Gulp. Hope you get the agenda or can foster more discussions about the class discussions. Now is the time and you are right; time IS of the essence — pre-preteens will hear more & more willingly if mature enough to handle it.

    I think the group would have to be split by maturity level for some topics!

    Good luck and keep the conversation flowing now and into the teens. Interesting. I was thinking that in this age of equality and information overload–the boys need to watch the “girl” video at school and vice versa. Oh my huh?? Scary times ahead for our family but looking forward also with excitemebt for now about fUN new adventures.

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