Clutter somewhat controlled, for now.

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Chris, Bug and Peanut went camping this weekend.  Froggie and I had the house to ourselves all weekend. So we had a wild party and junk food.  Well, only part of that is true.

I took this opportunity to try to get control over the massive amount of crap that has accumulated in the boys bedroom.  It was bad.  I mean bad.  Where did all that stuff come from?

Here are a couple before pictures:

William's Room - Before

Peanut’s Room – Before

Michael's Room - Before

Bug’s Room – Before


They really did have cardboard boxes in there because there was no where else to put all the junk.  After working all weekend. This is what it looks like now.


Peanut's Room - After

Peanut’s Room – After

Bug's Room - After

Bug’s Room – After

There is still work to be done but we can walk in there now without risking a trip to the ER.

It is so important for them to have a place to go that is their own.  Especially when they need to calm themselves or take a break.  It is not easy to calm down, take a break or even just have fun in a room like that.

So I am publically promising to make sure they stay this way.  Anything not put away by bedtime is mine! I will remind them for the next few nights.  So the hard part is just beginning.  I need to remember to follow through!

There will be an important lesson here.  Sometime in the next week or two we will all take a trip to donate much of that clutter. All that junk which was not valued by them (clearly) will certainly mean something to someone else.

What changes did you make to get control of the stuff in your life?


2 Responses to “Clutter somewhat controlled, for now.”

  1. Heather Says:

    I would love to say we’ve quit buying things. But alas, we’ve compromised and buy smaller things! LOL My son has about 400 Hot Wheels and my daughter has a zillion Pet Shop toys. At least they’re small and fit into bins now. My daughter’s room is still some out of control. Gonna fix that soon…

  2. Lisa Carey Says:

    That is the thing! We only buy them toys at their birthdays and Christmas yet it still appears. 🙂

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