Your baby is different, now what?

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When I got my pre-natal diagnosis I was very lucky. Peanut goes to a very special school and I was quickly able to connect with moms who have a child with Down syndrome.

These moms let me know it would be ok. They let me know what to expect. They told me and showed me how wonderful, strong, amazing and smart their kids are.  I had a community, a place to belong and feel safe. I was very lucky.

I can’t imagine going through those days after the diagnosis alone. But this happens all the time to expecting moms. That is one of the reasons for the high abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome. I have seen figures between 85% and 95% abortion rate. It is high, too high. What if those moms and dads had a buddy to help them through this? Someone who has been there, who is there now!  Who can tell them the facts?  Some doctors tell their patients lots of horrible scary things about Down syndrome and none of the wonderful things.

I hope I am lucky enough to connect with pregnant moms in this position. I want to tell them it will be ok. I want them to know that while this is not the path they planned on taking it will be a beautiful, wonderful path. Yes, there will be tears. Yes, your child is not what you were expecting but she will be more than you ever expected.

Froggie is such an amazing wonderful gift.  This Thanksgiving this is what I was thinking about the most.

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